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Jersey Girl Review

Jersey Girl deserves some personal resentment, picking apart an audience with its cliches and terrible decision making.

Senseless Review

Senseless is a comedy from the 1990s that still entertains today, though younger audiences may not immediately catch all of the comedic references.

eXistenZ Review

While eXistenZ doesn't have huge replay value once you know the twists and turns of the narrative, it's a fun ride the first time around.

Godzilla vs. Biollante Review

Biollante is all over the place, with sharp edits that intersect action, sloppy human fights, and boisterous visual effects that rank amongst the best in this franchise.

The Prophecy: Forsaken Review

The budget for this sequel appears to have gone entirely to its cast, as almost all FX are dropped and the script practically eliminates any action possibilities.