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Drama Blu-Ray Reviews

5-25-77 Blu-ray Review

Opening Night Movies about movies are not abnormal. Movies about the creative person’s mindset are unusual though. 5-25-77 smartly focuses there. It’s hard to pin down another film that …

Julius Caesar (1970) Blu-ray Review

All-Star Shakespeare Stuart Burge’s handsome production of Julius Caesar has been unfairly maligned for years thanks to a dull performance by Jason Robards and inevitable comparisons between it and …

Rain (1932) Blu-ray Review

Relentless in its teardown of Christian political influence, Rain's deliberate staging dilutes the themes, but for 1932, mounts a furious progressive ideology.

Monday Morning Blu-ray Review

Hollywood producer Don Murphy's first and only effort as director, Monday Morning is a strange mishmash of violent sensationalism and a weirdly naive perspective on clashing high school kids.

Ordinary People Blu-ray Review

The Best Picture winner Ordinary People, from director Robert Redford and an all-star cast, is introspective drama, reflecting a perceptive screenplay about dysfunctional families and their festering problems.

Liar’s Moon Blu-ray Review

A tragic tale of teen romance and dramatic power, Liar's Moon features Matt Dillion's first starring role and Cindy Fisher as his beguiling love interest.