Category: Action

Enemy Gold Blu-ray Review

Andy Sidaris' son takes over to similar results with Enemy Gold, producing another T&A action romp starring centerfolds as lead performers.

Hard Hunted Blu-ray Review

Lackluster Andy Sidaris Project Hard Hunted is one of the more disappointing movies from schlocky b-movie auteur Andy Sidaris. The seventh movie in his Malibu Bay Films career, the …

Fit to Kill Blu-ray Review

One of the more entertaining films from Andy Sidaris and friends, the T & A romp of Fit to Kill sees Julie Strain making a memorable film debut.

Jake Speed Blu-ray Review

While the sentimentality for a lost era of heroism is great, the execution of Jake Speed is muddled, ponderous, and desperate for charisma.

RoboCop (Arrow Video) Blu-ray Review

6000 SUX The remarkable thing about RoboCop is how right it was. Robocop’s news is broadcast in three minute chunks, predicting short attention spans. Commercials for branded artificial hearts …

My Samurai Blu-ray Review

Not My Samurai My Samurai uses a running gag in which Deborah (Lynne Hart) disparages Taekwondo. “It’s too violent,” she says to instructor Young Park (Julian Lee). To defend …