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Moonfall 4K UHD Review

Even beyond the ludicrous premise, Moonfall's conspiratorial nonsense doesn't even deserve the two hours needed to appreciate the disaster movie destruction.

Ordinary People Blu-ray Review

The Best Picture winner Ordinary People, from director Robert Redford and an all-star cast, is introspective drama, reflecting a perceptive screenplay about dysfunctional families and their festering problems.

Backdraft 4K UHD Review

Fireball Island Universal produced Backdraft, a surprise given the Disney-esque tragedy of the intro. It’s near camp. A small child looks on, star-eyed, as his father enters a burning …

Basmati Blues Blu-ray Review

Brie Larson and Donald Sutherland Sing In This Musical You have to wonder how an Oscar winner like Brie Larson, near the zenith of her career, ended up on …

Forsaken Blu-ray Review

Donald Sutherland Stars With His Son Kiefer Sutherland in this New Classic Western Film An infamous gunslinger returns home, attempting to hang up his guns for good and reconcile …