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Gemini Man 4K UHD Review

While daring in tackling a core American value, Gemini Man's script punches too hard and falls to countless thriller cliches in doing so.

Joker 4K UHD Review

While engaging and evocative, Joker draws draws its protagonist with far too much empathy given the nature of this character.

Aquarela Blu-ray Review

Uniquely structured and told, Aquarela tells the story of water in all forms, from northern ice to its transformation into dangerous weather.

Hobbs & Shaw 4K UHD Review

Someone’s Overcompensating It figures that in this current and cursed timeline, something like Hobbs & Shaw speaks sensibly. As a brazen, idiotic, muscle-driven action flick, it’s necessary to spell …

Maleficent 4K UHD Review

See No Evil Intolerance produces a lasting concussive force. That’s why Maleficent does what she does, or so goes this tweaked fairy tale retelling. Yes, Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) curses …

Zombieland 4K UHD Review

Taking the Browns to the Super Bowl The goal for those surviving in Zombieland is to give a child one day to be a kid. That means a night …