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Gemini Man 4K UHD Review

While daring in tackling a core American value, Gemini Man's script punches too hard and falls to countless thriller cliches in doing so.

Joker 4K UHD Review

While engaging and evocative, Joker draws draws its protagonist with far too much empathy given the nature of this character.

The Shining 4K UHD Review

Kubrick's The Shining doubles as a paranormal horror movie, but works best in its depiction of domestic abuse and the isolation it causes.

Daybreakers 4K UHD Review

Seeing Daylight In 2007, a documentary titled Who Killed the Electric Car? told the story of how various entities combined to keep fuel-based vehicles the standard. A few years …

Rocketman 4K UHD Review

Elton John Musical Biopic Is A Wild Ride Director Dexter Fletcher, hot off his success with global smash Bohemian Rhapsody, takes an entirely different tact for the inventively surreal …

Hellboy (2019) 4K UHD Review

Immortal Combat Hellboy was brought to Earth by Nazis. His name isn’t subtle – he’s from hell, the Christian vision of demons and fire and torture, an analogous lore …

Shazam 4K UHD Blu-ray Review

Magic Man Shazam doesn’t have a secret lair; he doesn’t have a permanent home, either. So, Shazam visits a real estate agent to see if they have anything, say, …