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The Big Lebowski 4K UHD Review

Stars and Strikes Forever The Dude is everything an American isn’t supposed to be. He’s a hard drinker – of White Russians, of course. His employment status is unclear, …

Hotel Transylvania 2 Blu-ray Review

Visit Hotel Transylvania where the generations clash on civil rights Humans are now allowed into Hotel Transylvania. That was a point of contention for the first film, yet Hotel …

The Cobbler Blu-ray Review

Cobbled together The Cobbler has context for an interesting story. A small, friendly, old fashioned small business in New York. The quiet, somewhat awkward Jewish shoe repair man, the …

Fargo Review

What works in Fargo is the investigation, and not because of any tension or mystery.

Armageddon Review

This is brain-dead cinema, where the fast and loose science is just sort of there in an attempt to stop people from thinking too long.