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Senseless Review

Senseless is a comedy from the 1990s that still entertains today, though younger audiences may not immediately catch all of the comedic references.

Bounce Review

Affleck and Paltrow bond on screen, the pacing carries realistic flow, and in terms of mass audience appeal, it breaks at the exact moment necessary.

Kate & Leopold Review

Kate & Leopold is harmless fluff if nothing else, created to pander to an audience who finds the idea of Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman hooking up irresistible.

Gangs of New York Review

Deserving of most of the Oscars it was nominated for, Gangs of New York is an all encompassing look at a turbulent time in America’s history many were unaware …

Brothers Grimm Review

Brother’s Grimm is an oddball, goofy tale, nearly saved by the hilarious performances of Matt Damon and Heath Ledger. It’s a shame that they’ll never have the chance to …

Shall We Dance? Review

It’s nice to see Hollywood choosing to remake something other than Asian horror movies. In the case of Shall We Dance?, this remake of the Japanese romantic comedy carries …