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The Sum of All Fears 4K UHD Review

Summarizing Nukes It’s unnerving how unusually prescient the Jack Ryan films tend be. Not long after 9/11, as nations stood on alert for Middle Eastern terrorists, Sum of All …

Batman v Superman 3D Blu-ray Review

Batbore and Superdull Adding 30 minutes to a gratuitous, messy film doesn’t fix anything. The pseudo-observant Batman v Superman still limps through rounds of movie logic like a riper …

Gone Girl Blu-ray Review

Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike soar in David Fincher’s screen adaptation Ben Affleck first appears in Gone Girl curbside. It’s trash day. The streets are clear. There are no …

Jersey Girl Review

Jersey Girl deserves some personal resentment, picking apart an audience with its cliches and terrible decision making.

Argo Review

Twenty years ago if you said, “That guy from Mallrats will make the best CIA movie of the 2000s,” you would have been called crazy.

Bounce Review

Affleck and Paltrow bond on screen, the pacing carries realistic flow, and in terms of mass audience appeal, it breaks at the exact moment necessary.

The Company Men Review

There's sympathy in the performances, the trials and stresses of their now unemployed lives a burden that can be seen and felt.