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Bombshell Blu-ray Review

Bombshell's story isn't what matters, rather how Bombshell portrays the pressure, anxiety, and fears of women trying to undue decades of power.

Knives Out 4K UHD Review

While the mystery's final reveal is deflating in its simplicity, Knives Out succeeds in taking a western view of a rich/poor dynamic.

Midway (2019) 4K UHD Review

Midway indulges in messy, repetitive, and choreographed action, made worse through sloppy exposition in the script that drives hokey patriotism instead of authentic stakes.

47 Meters Down: Uncaged Blu-ray Review

Baby Shark, Grandpa Shark 47 Meters Down: Uncaged begins with protagonist Mia falling into water. The school bully pushed her in, the immediate indicator that Mia (Sophie Nelisse) will …

Strange But True Blu-ray Review

Shocking Thriller Adapted From John Searles’ Bestselling Novel Some films are hard to classify under strict genre guidelines. Strange But True falls in that category. What begins as a …