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Bombshell Blu-ray Review

Bombshell's story isn't what matters, rather how Bombshell portrays the pressure, anxiety, and fears of women trying to undue decades of power.

Bluebird Blu-ray Review

A glowing music documentary about the legendary Nashville night spot Bluebird with superstars Garth Brooks, Faith Hill, and Taylor Swift making appearances.

The Fare Blu-ray Review

A thrillingly mysterious and romantic journey for a cab ride stuck in a time loop. The Fare is smart indie filmmaking with two great leads and fresh premise.

Malevolence Blu-ray Review

Indie Slasher Trilogy Malevolence may not be an essential slasher but delivers suspenseful terror in spades. Filmmaker Stevan Mena’s debut feature was a no-nonsense thriller that hit during the …

Find Me Guilty Blu-ray Review

Loyalty on Trial Vin Diesel plays mobster Jackie DiNorscio in Find Me Guilty. It’s a true story. New York prosecutors sought to take down the mob, DiNorscio defended himself, …