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It’s unfair to judge Revenge of the Shogun Women based on the awful dubbing presented on this Blu-ray, the only audio option available. That said, the original language is unlikely to help this shoddy martial arts film.

Revenge of the Shogun Women exists to exploit 3D and little else

Sent to theaters in 1977, Revenge of the Shogun Women exists to exploit 3D and little else. The kung fu choreography is slow, meandering, and uninteresting; the constant shoving of spears, fists, and other weapons at the camera really doesn’t help either. Under that is a stock genre film, with exploitative rape scenes and bloody violence trying to draw audiences, setting up a finale where a few women finally confront their aggressors.

Revenge of the Shogun Women clocks in at 80-minutes long, and feels twice that. It’s clumsily told, ponderous, and while filled with fight scenes, they fail to spark any genuine interest. They feel rushed, sloppy, and lacking the fire such imports usually carry with them. Away from the action, characters bleed together as faces in the crowd. Even the heroes struggle to place themselves in this derivative story confidently.

The lone reason to watch is the 3D, undoubtedly also the lone reason Revenge of the Shogun Women was produced. In that regard, it’s okay, with extra attention paid to foreground objects and composition, but little care for eye strain.


Opening with a “best available elements” note, that’s usually a bad sign of things to come. So it is, at least in terms of color. Some scenes pass by with hardly any hues at all, or have slowly drifted toward bleeding reds, the frame becomes a mass of reddish tint. No flesh tones, no primaries, just red. A reel near the climax finally springs to life, but quickly again, the color is lost minutes later.

Print damage varies in severity. Mostly, the restoration brushes most of the problems away. An occasional vertical scratch or editing splice appears with little impact.

Detail is generally gone. Revenge of the Shogun Women stays softened, flat, and muddy. Contrast fails, and black levels never hit black. All this said, it’s undoubtedly the best this will ever look in the modern era.

3D Video

At times, this is marvelous. The depth is extreme, and the ludicrous camera work shoves spears toward the screen. Or fire, or stones, or throwing stars. Revenge of the Shogun Women isn’t subtle, and viewer comfort is secondary to showing off the tech. Fall-in effects impress less than the pop-out (the foreground is used for all its worth).

Whether it’s alignment issues or some other technical issue, the 3D can also turn uncomfortable. Edges of the frame, especially those with higher contrast, flicker and go out of alignment. It’s as if there’s a filter over the image on the sides, but the center looks flawless. What also hurts is dirt on the lens, which while uncommon, can throw the entire image off in trying to focus on anything else.


Only the English dub is offered from a scratchy, worn soundtrack that’s likely the best available audio element left. It’s a tough listen, with a wobbly score and sloppy dialog. Everything is intelligible, just rotting.


Three unrelated 3D shorts fill the bonus menu, including one with ’50s era topless dancing (for something different).

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A dismal genre film, Revenge of the Shogun Women exists for the 3D, and that’s a middling success at best.

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