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Vibes Blu-ray Review

Jeff Goldblum and Cyndi Lauper form a fine comedic duo as two psychics search for an ancient treasure in Vibes, a light-hearted and fun romantic comedy.

Aquarela Blu-ray Review

Uniquely structured and told, Aquarela tells the story of water in all forms, from northern ice to its transformation into dangerous weather.

Zombieland 4K UHD Review

Taking the Browns to the Super Bowl The goal for those surviving in Zombieland is to give a child one day to be a kid. That means a night …

Charlie’s Angels (2000) 4K UHD Review

Sorry Charlie. So, So Sorry The three writers credited to Charlie’s Angels were all men. That explains the awkward, inhuman flirting from the women and the uncomfortable fetishism. That’s …

Hellboy (2004) 4K UHD Review

Cats and Baby Ruths Hellboy’s challenge is in finding who he is, or what he’s meant to be. He’s from Christianity’s interpretation of hell. Nazis brought Hellboy into the …