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Spaceballs 4K UHD Review

Not only poking fun at Star Wars, Spaceballs takes aim at the film industry as a whole in a clever spoof with every Mel Brooks signature.

Konga Blu-ray Review

Michael Gough tries as an impossibly evil scientist, but Konga rates as one of the dopiest big ape movies in its attempt to play things straight.

Jivaro 3D Blu-ray Review

Brazilian Romancing Jivaro is a movie of sweaty, barrel-chested men sailing on exotic Brazilian waters with their shirts open, fawning over the one American woman in their camp. The …

Hannibal 4K UHD Review

Okey-dokey Hannibal idolizes its killer. Lecter is surrounded by elegance and seductive cinematography, sweeping through lush Italian locations. It’s high class, swelling with mournful violins and coated in operatic …