A gaming-centric show this week as Blu-ray/media news fell off a cliff into an unknown abyss. We begin though by paying tribute to the awesome Roger Ebert and unfathomably talented Ray Harryhausen, both of whom passed away this month and were indirectly essential to the creation of DoBlu. From there, we discuss EA’s association with Disney that led to the game studio snagging rights to Star Wars video games. Elsewhere though, Nintendo is struggling, and EA seems to have abandoned the young Wii U platform. Can it survive without the third party? Some small next-gen Xbox news in the form of a leaked document seemed to confirmed an “always on” console won’t be the case, and Blu-ray was also indirectly confirmed. And finally, it appears the confusing marketing of Sony’s 4K Blu-ray line may end up being worth it. Ghostbusters seems to have a new transfer.

Only one review this week, and that’s a look at Iron Man 3 3D, which spawns 2013’s summer movie season.

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