Rob Schneider’s Redemption

A sleazy mob lawyer played by Rob Schneider (SNL) gets a raw deal in the criminal thriller Dead Wrong. The star behind such classics as Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo makes a serious pivot in his acting career with surprisingly excellent results. Writer and director Rick Bieber fashions an Elmore Leonard-like criminal thriller around a veteran Hollywood ensemble to good effect. Think a poor man’s Goodfellas structured around baby kidnappings and insurance fraud.

Dead Wrong’s cast features familiar Hollywood faces like Katrina Bowden (30 Rock) and Cress Williams (Black Lightning). Schneider plays a big role but merely one part of the overall story. Chet Hanks puts in a searing performance as an intimidating mob boss. The son of Hollywood superstar Tom Hanks, Chet before this move into acting was known for his meme Rap song “White Boy Summer” which became a minor hit earlier this decade.

Dead Wrong is a serviceable, occasionally quirky gangland mafia tale with a fine ensemble of performers

Married couple Billy (Derek Smith) and Barbara (Katrina Bowden) appear happy on the surface but underneath Billy’s calm demeanor lurks a stone-cold psychopath. Billy has gotten into a new business partnership with his childhood buddy Jacko (Chet Hanks), a local mob boss. The husband is also sleeping with Barbara’s sister (Chelsea Debo) on the side. Barbara wants a baby but Billy is quite content with their current child-less lifestyle.

Ethan Boggs (Rob Schneider) is a lawyer up to his eyeballs in gambling debt to the mob, running illegal adoption services for extra cash. Billy cooks up a daring get-rich-quick scheme involving kidnapping a newborn and selling the baby off for money. Boggs is brought in on the deal while trying to keep his mob boss happy.

Supposedly based off a novel, Dead Wrong has a solid cast playing entertaining characters. Packed with twists, the second half plays out as a glossy noir. The film also tosses in a little calculated commentary on victims exploiting the media for their own gain.

There’s humor mostly thanks to Rob Schneider but the thriller leans into the usual mafia tropes. Expect violent criminals, sexy women and a little cheese on top. Primarily known for his days on SNL and a handful of Hollywood films, Schneider acquits himself quite nicely in this more dramatic effort.

Dead Wrong is a serviceable, occasionally quirky gangland mafia tale with a fine ensemble of performers. What’s funny is how neophyte actor Chet Hanks steals the movie from the established Hollywood players with an authentic intensity portraying a loyal but brutally violent mob figure. Maybe Chet picked up his acting skills by osmosis from his parents, both very capable Hollywood actors. Or maybe it’s the genes.


Mill Creek issues Dead Wrong on Blu-ray in a largely pleasing 1.78:1 presentation thanks to its digital filmmaking pedigree. The main feature runs 110 minutes on a BD-50, sharing space with a director’s cut of the film running only 104 minutes. Both versions are encoded in erratic AVC with banding and posterization.

The 1080p video gleams with razor-sharp definition and clarity befitting a 2024 release. There’s no doubting its pristine detail. Both cuts of the movie have identical picture quality. The only things which looks bad in Dead Wrong are a few terrible effects. A scene of one character being tortured offers some of the goofiest fake blood ever seen from an indie film, maybe worse than a Troma production.

Exteriors are brightly shot, loaded with a high contrast and deep black levels. Interiors look filmed in a studio environment, crisp and clean. Instead of going for moodier cinematography, the filmmakers go for maximum digital clarity.


A relatively modest, straightforward 5.1 DTS-HD MA surround mix accompanies the main feature. Dead Wrong’s audio features crisp, punchy dialogue and fairly basic sound design elements. There’s not much depth to its soundstage and immersion is mostly an afterthought. Minor surround support and less-than-optimal subwoofer involvement mark the dull mix.

The musical score includes a few notable songs. Mostly instrumental in nature, the recording offers excellent fidelity and fine dynamics.

Optional English SDH subtitles play in a white font.


Mill Creek issues the BD more or less bereft of special features. What we get as the sole bonus is the “director’s cut” of Dead Wrong. Running a few minutes shorter than the main feature, a few trims here and there are the primary difference with slightly different musical selections also noteworthy. I’d recommend watching the original version over the director’s cut.

The BD is coded for Region A.

Dead Wrong: Director’s Cut (104:26 in HD; 2.0 DTS-HD MA)

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Dead Wrong
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A low-rent criminal thriller starring such names as Rob Schneider and Katrina Bowden but Tom Hanks’ son Chet steals the movie

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