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Bluebird Blu-ray Review

A glowing music documentary about the legendary Nashville night spot Bluebird with superstars Garth Brooks, Faith Hill, and Taylor Swift making appearances.

Shade Blu-ray Review

A fun trip through the world of high stakes gambling con men, Shade finds enough tension between bouts of early '00s filmmaking.

Devil’s Revenge Blu-ray Review

Occult Schlock With William Shatner William Shatner knows cheesy filmmaking, almost reveling in it over his long Hollywood career. The former Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise …

Find Me Guilty Blu-ray Review

Loyalty on Trial Vin Diesel plays mobster Jackie DiNorscio in Find Me Guilty. It’s a true story. New York prosecutors sought to take down the mob, DiNorscio defended himself, …

My Samurai Blu-ray Review

Not My Samurai My Samurai uses a running gag in which Deborah (Lynne Hart) disparages Taekwondo. “It’s too violent,” she says to instructor Young Park (Julian Lee). To defend …