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Gemini Man 4K UHD Review

While daring in tackling a core American value, Gemini Man's script punches too hard and falls to countless thriller cliches in doing so.

Joker 4K UHD Review

While engaging and evocative, Joker draws draws its protagonist with far too much empathy given the nature of this character.

The Shining 4K UHD Review

Kubrick's The Shining doubles as a paranormal horror movie, but works best in its depiction of domestic abuse and the isolation it causes.

Turtle Odyssey 4K UHD Review

Turtle Planet Gathering dazzling images from the ocean floor, Turtle Odyssey brings truly stellar photography into this condensed story. The focus is a turtle – obviously – named Bunji. …

Hobbs & Shaw 4K UHD Review

Someone’s Overcompensating It figures that in this current and cursed timeline, something like Hobbs & Shaw speaks sensibly. As a brazen, idiotic, muscle-driven action flick, it’s necessary to spell …