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Scoob 4K UHD Review

Cramming in an entire universe worth of cartoons into a slim frame, Scoob forgets it involves more than a talking dog and its hippie friend.

Baywatch (2017) 4K UHD Blu-ray Review

No Watch There’s one overlapping joke in Baywatch – the lifeguards seem unaware they’re not cops. It’s like The Munsters, where the family lives in bliss, oblivious to ther …

Dirty Grandpa Blu-ray Review

So dirty In terms of framing and narrative devices, Dirty Grandpa is an awful film. It has the thinnest of reasons to exist, the crudest methodologies, and a litany …

The Lorax (2012) Review

Entertainment value is sapped from the writing ensuring the message is across the port bow instead of one-liners or clever zingers.

New Years Eve Review

Viewers are swept up in the lives of a series of New Yorkers, all considered beautiful or popular enough to make the poster art. That's the only qualification.

17 Again Review

While 17 Again gets off to a rather questionable start, complete with Zac Efron doing a dance number in a high school (sound familiar?), the script by Jason Filardi …