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Heat 4K UHD Review

Heat's distinctive approach humanizes criminality in a way few films do, focused as much on the action as the lives of those involved.

Black Hawk Down 4K UHD Review

Unrelenting Saving Private Ryan introduced an audience to what war was. Black Hawk Down showed what war still is. Black Hawk Down shatters the mythology of contemporary combat being …

Independence Day: Resurgence Review

Let the aliens win Independence Day: Resurgence is hollow and no, expectations shouldn’t be different. This is director Roland Emmerich who delights in breaking things at unimaginable scale. His …

Virtuosity Blu-ray Review

Virtual Reality… Troopers! Extreme! Go! To live again in pre-9/11 1995, where the fear wasn’t terrorism, but that a murderer would spring to life from the interior of a …

Phantom Review

Ed Harris delivers yet another solid acting performance as an aging submarine captain, a role perfectly suited for his talents.

The Big Bang Review

Most of it is played for laughs, not so much a tribute to the noire directors as it is parodying their cliches and quirks.