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Drunk Bus Blu-ray Review

Delightfully crass with a comic heart, Drunk Bus is reminiscent of early Kevin Smith in telling a small time story around likable but miserable people.

Scoob 4K UHD Review

Cramming in an entire universe worth of cartoons into a slim frame, Scoob forgets it involves more than a talking dog and its hippie friend.

Good Boys Blu-ray Review

Bean Bags On screen, it’s risque to center pre-teens in an R-rated comedy. No one wants to admit kids talk like this, but avoidance is a social lie. Good Boys …

Keanu Blu-ray Review

Impurrfect Key and Peele won’t stray far from their Comedy Central sketch days, delivering a rather pieced out comedy in Keanu. Part satire of action comedies, part tear down …

Apartment Troubles Review

Definitely trouble Apartment Troubles was originally titled Trouble Dolls. The latter is more appropriate. The two women in the film have more issues than their New York apartment. Jess …

MacGruber Review

It's stunning how MacGruber gets everything right, from the one-liner puns, to the cheesy villain complete with ponytail.