Tag: Will Ferrell

Casa de mi Padre Review

Placing a straight generic western - with a gun slinging, drug-fueled romance - in front of cheap backgrounds or blatant continuity errors doesn't work.

Everything Must Go Review

Everything blends that tight mixture of comedy and drama better than it should, Nick (Ferrell) sympathetic but with enough dry wit to elicit a stream of laughs.

Megamind Review

Credit to Megamind for holding firm and delivering a couple of fun twists at the end, stuff that isn't easily seen beforehand.

Elf Review

For all of its charm and color, it is easy to overlook the visual achievement Elf is.

Land of the Lost (2009) Review

Land of the Lost fans are going to be ticked. While the original show is a campy piece of TV history (despite nostalgic fans thinking otherwise), this Hollywood update …

Semi-Pro Review

It’s a shame Will Ferrell did Semi-Pro after three other sports films. This ABA comedy suffered due to an audience tired of his antics, and especially his antics in …

Step Brothers Review

Following up their success in Talladega Nights, Will Ferrell and John C. Reily re-team for the hilarious, raunchy Step Brothers. While certainly not a movie for the prudish or …

Talladega Nights Review

The first of the Will Ferrell sports movies is easily the best. Talladega Nights is a hilarious riff on NASCAR, and this one ranks as the top Ferrell comedy …