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Gundala Blu-ray Review

Gundala is a violent superhero flick from Indonesia that captures the country's own take on the genre with ahelping borrowed from Hollywood flicks.

Ne Zha 4K UHD Review

Although adapted from centuries old literature, Ne Zha's story still holds relevance behind the showy, gorgeous animation.

First Love Blu-ray Review

Japanese director Takashi Miike's enthralling yakuza adventure, First Love, is packed with laughs and striking characters, reminiscent of Tarantino.

Kung Fu Monster Blu-ray Review

Kung Fu Gizmo Action Remember Stripe, leader of the naughty monsters from Gremlins? The producers behind director Andrew Lau’s Kung Fu Monster certainly seem to remember the movie, blatantly …

Shadow 4K UHD Review

Zhang Yimou’s Latest Wuxia Epic The latest Chinese opus from director Zhang Yimou (Hero, House of Flying Daggers) looks gorgeous but primarily revolves around slow drama. Shadow is more …

Triple Threat Blu-ray Review

More like Sextuplet Threat Undoubtedly the draw to Triple Threat is the cast, full of contemporary martial artists, chasing one another down, ending in expected stand-offs. It’s spectacular in …