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Snatch 4K UHD Review

Snatch blends its hyper violence with caricature comedy in a rapidly successful heist story that still holds up decades on.

Checkmate Review

A movie so bad that Danny Glover may never work again in Hollywood Checkmate is a gloriously epic turkey of poor filmmaking. The direct-to-video “action” thriller is nominally about …

Fire with Fire Review

Maybe there's something here for the growing Josh Duhamel fan base, playing off his usual roles for something with a sadistic side

Hijacked Review

Hijacked never finds the opportunity to raise its tension, falling back on a number of eye rolling cliches, even down to the red/blue wire on a car bomb

Blood Out Review

Jason Hewitt is credited with the direction, so surely the nauseating combination of shaky camera work, jump edits, split screens, focal tricks, and slow motion are on his lap.

The Condemned Review

Here’s what The Condemned wants you to believe: A rogue producer could set up an internet show in which death row inmates are dropped onto an island. They must …

Midnight Meat Train Review

Subtle is not a word you can associate with Midnight Meat Train. It has no qualms about showing bodies ripped apart, cut open, or the back of people’s heads …