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Freaky 4K UHD Review

Lively, hilarious, and energetic, Freaky conquers the slasher genre with a great premise and self-aware social consciousness.

Freaky Blu-ray Review

Introducing the slasher genre to a new generation, Freaky picks up where Scream left off to make sure these tropes remain relevant.

Hacksaw Ridge Review

Faithful Desmond Doss saved roughly 75 men in a 12 hour span during the Battle of Okinawa. He did so without a weapon, not even a sidearm. Doss rejected …

Term Life Blu-ray Review

Policy Cancelled Vince Vaughn spends much of Term Life scared of being seen. Supposedly, Vaughn runs from killers and criminals trying to track him down. More likely, Vaughn’s terrified …

The Cell Blu-ray Review

Jennifer Lopez and Vince Vaughn star in this haunting criminal thriller with unforgettable visuals. A child therapist must enter the mind of a serial killer using experimental technology to …