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Carlito’s Way 4K UHD Review

Classier than most drug/crime dramas, Carlito's Way brings a vintage feel to a genre that turned toward merciless violence, but that doesn't mean it works either.

The Portrait Of A Lady Review

For a film that moves at a languid pace, the complex narrative seemingly cuts out important bridging scenes that would have made it more enjoyable and easier to follow

The Road Review

Mortensen is on the edge, obsessed with keeping his son alive, although even he seems to question why.

A History of Violence Review

History of Violence opens in a idyllic small town, where the local sheriff eats at the town diner. Here works Tom Stall (Viggo Mortensen), your average father and husband, …

Hidalgo Review

Hidalgo, from director Joe Johnston (October Sky), feels like something made in the golden era of the epic adventure movie. There‚Äôs something about its style, scale, and action sequences …