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Batman Forever 4K UHD Review

Not This Forever, Please It figures this is the Batman to deal with morality in vigilantism. Bruce Wayne warns sidekick Robin about what it means to take a life …

Twixt Blu-ray review

Twixt would not be a bad first effort from a rookie director, but expectations of Francis Ford Coppola sour the piece

Seven Below Review

Direct-to-video superstar Luke Goss heads up the intrepid vacation types, choppily delivering arid dialogue of little consequence.

Blood Out Review

Jason Hewitt is credited with the direction, so surely the nauseating combination of shaky camera work, jump edits, split screens, focal tricks, and slow motion are on his lap.

The Thaw Review

Films have moved on from electricity, nuclear radiation, and DNA experiments to spawn their creatures. With The Thaw, the threat is now global warming, however unsubtle it may be. …

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Review

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a twisted murder mystery that defies any logical explanation. Its core story is baffling and confusing, yet somehow delivers just enough logic to keep …