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Bridge of Spies Blu-ray Review

Bridging Cold War History Opening Bridge of Spies is a mute chase sequence. Agents hunt for a Red sympathizer. They weave between cars and peer around corner stores. Their …

Shanghai Noon Review

Chan flips kicks the piece to success, towering over the hackneyed familiarity of the cliche-riddled script with wildly kooky fight scenes.

D.O.A. Review

What you ultimately think of this movie is going to come down to the final twists and turns revealed in the last act.

Fright Night 3D (2011) Review

The film has fun with itself, the writing self-aware and pushing past the vanilla, “Vampires exist?” conversations to plant itself into the thick of it.

Gnomeo & Juliet Review

Garden gnomes? Alive? And at war? So, it's a half-baked Pixar idea that ended up tossed to the side and picked up by someone else? Gotcha.

You Again Review

The one chance it has to break free from the modern Hollywood cliché is the central character arc, and You Again completely blows it

When in Rome Review

This type of romantic comedy farce is a waste of time for all involved, including the poor suckers who end up watching it.