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Krampus 4K UHD Review

An uneven holiday horror comedy, Krampus finds its groove in places, but can't sustain the momentum to carry it to feature length.

Knives Out 4K UHD Review

While the mystery's final reveal is deflating in its simplicity, Knives Out succeeds in taking a western view of a rich/poor dynamic.

Hereditary 4K UHD Blu-ray Review

Family Drama Hereditary’s fear is exhaustive, and it’s not illicit. To Hereditary, using jump scares is a cinematic sin. Instead, dread is a presence, lingering in a holding pattern …

Unlocked Blu-ray Review

Lock It Up The twist in Unlocked concerns the villain. Using racial profiling, via Arabic dialect and vaguely Middle Eastern-looking actors, Unlocked suggests terrorists. It’s a trap and the …

Fright Night 3D (2011) Review

The film has fun with itself, the writing self-aware and pushing past the vanilla, “Vampires exist?” conversations to plant itself into the thick of it.