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Collateral 4K UHD Review

Collateral intelligently makes an audience question their own morality, and follows two men looking for a way to prove they're right.

Top Gun 4K UHD Review

It's hard not to be drawn in by Top Gun's lavish, theatrical presentation even if its routine story does nothing unpredictable.

Jack Reacher 4K UHD Review

Jack Reaching for Truth Jack Reacher isn’t fond of two things: the American justice system and foreign capitalists. It take an ex-military drifter – Reacher – to uncover the …

Mission: Impossible III 4K UHD Review

Kidnapping terrorists? Through the Vatican? Kinky. While absurd, the end point of Mission: Impossible III lies entirely with the Bush era. The corrupted American IMF seeks a weapon meant …

Mission: Impossible II 4K UHD Review

\ Woo-ing Audiences Critical and audience response to the first Mission: Impossible took potshots at the script’s complexity. It was fair criticism. Mission: Impossible II’s production team responded. The …