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Gone Are the Days Blu-ray Review

Lance Henriksen Squares Off With Tom Berenger Lance Henriksen gives a commanding performance as a dying outlaw in this fantastic Western. Gone Are the Days reminds us the genre …

Reach Me Blu-ray Review

Kickstarted flick may have Sylvester Stallone but that’s not enough Reach Me is so overloaded with bit parts and bit players and bit stories, it’s a wonder if the …

Fear City Review

The lurid violence and graphic sexuality were too much for Fox, who passed on releasing the movie theatrically to a smaller distributor.

Inception Review

Inception's dream within a dream within a dream within, yes, another dream concept isn't as complex as it may initially seem.

Major League Review

Each character has a rival on this same Indians team, creating a level of dissension and animosity, in addition the hurdles faced on the field.