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Belzebuth Review

A promising demon thriller with real grit and convincing energy from Mexico, Belzebuth devolves into a hackneyed conflict with a CGI demon.

Jigsaw 4K UHD Blu-ray Review

Piecing Things Together Jigsaw begins with a vivid chase scene, sparks, fire, and eventually, gunfire. Whatever is insinuated by the high-energy opening, maybe a brasher, louder version of Saw, …

Saw VI Review

The sheer graphic nature of the violence, all for the pleasure of a blood-thirsty audience, dilutes any meaningful attempt at commentary.

Saw V Review

Saw started as a small, smart, low budget horror movie, and has ballooned into a trashy, exploitative, gore fest. What was once promising has turned into a sequel machine …

Saw IV Review

The Saw series has become a yearly tradition. This will probably continue until the box office dries up, and that can’t be much longer. Saw IV is the breaking …