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Mechanic: Resurrection Blu-ray Review

Mechanic: Retired (Hopefully) Mechanic: Resurrection is designed to be consumed by 20-somethings who enjoy watching a 40-something blow stuff up, peddled by 60-somethings who know how to market a …

The Last Witch Hunter Blu-ray Review

Hopefully the Last What begins as a hokey, masculine story of fire swords and witches quickly winds down. Last Witch Hunter morphs into an investigation procedural where the undying …

Ender’s Game Blu-ray Review

Ender's Game becomes a film which is both too fast and too slow, projecting cliff notes in a rush to embellish screens with dizzying zero gravity training spectacles.

The Darkest Hour 3D Review

Darkest Hour earns mercy points for its approach to intelligent life from elsewhere in the universe, an electrical, nearly invisible species feeding on our resources.