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Bombshell Blu-ray Review

Bombshell's story isn't what matters, rather how Bombshell portrays the pressure, anxiety, and fears of women trying to undue decades of power.

Selma Blu-ray Review

David Oyelowo is flawless in this pertinent historical drama Selma should not be socially relevant to today’s political compass. It should only be well remembered and honored history. Yet, …

Jersey Girl Review

Jersey Girl deserves some personal resentment, picking apart an audience with its cliches and terrible decision making.

J. Edgar Review

If aspects of Hoover's life -including those intimate entanglements- are of interest, Eastwood's piece works.

Office Space Review

What does Milton’s home look like? Here’s a guy, short, stout, with thick glasses, that mumbles aimlessly and has a rather odd connection to a red stapler. He probably …