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In Fear Blu-ray Review

Jeremy Lovering’s directorial debut is a sharp UK thriller with a genuinely surprising ending. In Fear is the tale of a young couple lost in the remote Irish countryside, …

Scorned Blu-ray Review

The cookie-cutter story has all the imagination of a film intended for the Lifetime Network, making its violence and terror meaningless in the end.

Pusher Review

The story itself is full of action and pacing is never dull, but in the end it becomes hard to sympathize with Frank as a character.

Henry Poole is Here Review

Going off the happy, light-hearted trailer used to promote Henry Poole is not how you should approach this movie. There is far more drama than comedy here, and the …

Righteous Kill Review

For director Jon Avnet, it must have been a surprise to have the opportunity to direct Al Pacino in back-to-back films. Unfortunately, it’s doubtful either one of them will …