Tag: Sigourney Weaver

Paul Review

There's a distinct audience for Paul, the type that will appreciate a hick town bluegrass band playing the Star Wars Cantina music.

You Again Review

The one chance it has to break free from the modern Hollywood cliché is the central character arc, and You Again completely blows it

Alien Resurrection Review

Resurrection is a glorified remake of Critters 4, assuming of course the Gremlins knock-off could give birth to a hunk of cottage cheese and spoiled milk.

Alien 3 Review

... it's probably the closest any of the sequels came to recapturing what made the original such a classic...

Aliens Review

The change of pace is in many ways a disappointment, although it would admittedly be more difficult to recapture the same magic.

Alien Review

Alien has a goal, and it's not to showcase overdone gore, graphic kills, or attempt to make the creature the icon it would become. It's a film about fear...

Vantage Point Review

There’s a concept in Vantage Point that works. The contrived scripting and completely implausible action can’t take advantage of that though, leaving a fun, hollow thriller that could have …

Happily N’Ever After Review

Say someone gets their hands on the device that could change fairy tales forever. Instead of happy endings, bad things happen to those beloved characters. Jack gets stomped on …