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Alien 40th Anniversary 4K UHD Review

Special Order 937 Kennedy’s grand plan for space eventually fizzled. NASA’s dwindling budget founded the shuttle program and then floundered. Private investors took over, then corporations saw profitable opportunities. …

Finding Dory 3D Blu-ray Review

Thank you Sigourney Weaver Coveting Finding Nemo’s message of self-assurance and empowerment, Pixar’s revisit to the ocean is comforting. Mostly, Finding Dory comes to life without significant risk, opening …

Chappie Blu-ray Review

Chapped The movie where a South African rap/rave group plays themselves, wears their own merchandise, and kidnap a robot. There’s more: Short Circuit lifted in full, elements of RoboCop, …

Chappie Theatrical Review

Input, input, input. Humans break what they create. It is instinct to corrupt and manipulate, so says Chappie. Of course, Chappie says a lot of things. This is the …

Paul Review

There's a distinct audience for Paul, the type that will appreciate a hick town bluegrass band playing the Star Wars Cantina music.

You Again Review

The one chance it has to break free from the modern Hollywood cliché is the central character arc, and You Again completely blows it

Alien Resurrection Review

Resurrection is a glorified remake of Critters 4, assuming of course the Gremlins knock-off could give birth to a hunk of cottage cheese and spoiled milk.