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Captain America: Civil War Review

Civility Ferociously political as Marvel’s movies have been, observant of militarization and surveillance, Civil War may be the least impacted by commentary. Odd, considering the premise. Tony Stark and …

Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

Avengers Re-Assembled Ultron is an assertive villain. Emotive. Cold. Unreal. He is a robot, yes, but not a pre-programmed killer. He (it?) considers the ramifications of his vile actions …

Lucy Blu-ray Review

I Love Lucy… but she doesn’t love me In-between philosophical ruminations regarding evolution and the potential capacity of the human brain, Lucy kills. She shoots and stabs while seeking …

Hitchcock Review

Hitchcock is as much a story about Alma and her influence on the director's movies, than it is about Alfred Hitchcock himself.

The Avengers 3D Review

It's a calculated, precise piece of popcorn art, the type that defines the term “summer blockbuster,” and possibly redefines it.

The Island Review

It seems wrong to talk about the action first, The Island the closest thing to a thought-provoking work Micheal Bay was ever involved with