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Saw 4K UHD Review

Unknowingly launching an extended franchise, Saw poses a clever mystery, undone only by its dismal performances.

Jigsaw 4K UHD Blu-ray Review

Piecing Things Together Jigsaw begins with a vivid chase scene, sparks, fire, and eventually, gunfire. Whatever is insinuated by the high-energy opening, maybe a brasher, louder version of Saw, …

The Collector Review

Collector never feels tense or exciting. It follows all of the usual slasher rules, including adding the stock rebellious teenager getting naked before being killed.

Saw VI Review

The sheer graphic nature of the violence, all for the pleasure of a blood-thirsty audience, dilutes any meaningful attempt at commentary.

Untraceable Review

All concept and no substance, Untraceable is unlikeable. Preying on modern day fears of the Internet and rampant technology use, the film does little else than put a few …

Saw V Review

Saw started as a small, smart, low budget horror movie, and has ballooned into a trashy, exploitative, gore fest. What was once promising has turned into a sequel machine …

Saw IV Review

The Saw series has become a yearly tradition. This will probably continue until the box office dries up, and that can’t be much longer. Saw IV is the breaking …