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The Hunt for Red October 4K UHD Review

Red, White, and Blue October Sam Neill and Sean Connery share a quiet, contemplative conversation midway through The Hunt for Red October. Neill goes wide-eyed, dreaming of Montana. Connery …

The Vow Review

There's no honesty in The Vow, and how it purports to be based on a true story only creates a further roadblock.

Jurassic Park III Review

Jurassic Park III is wildly absurd, gloriously over the top, and could care less about anything resembling science, character, or plot.

Jurassic Park Review

It's impossible to overstate how much Jurassic Park meant to the film industry, and it's too easy to begin rattling off a series of films it then made possible

Event Horizon Review

Seeing Laurence Fishburne blast a possessed Sam Neil over the head with a plastic tube, and apparently doing significant damage in the process, is unintentionally comical.