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Eternals 4K UHD Review

Eternals is a mature, surprisingly rich tale of creation and humanism, but ponderously slow as it doles out exposition to set up Marvel's theological grounding.

House of Gucci Blu-ray Review

An all-star cast, bolstered by Ridley Scott's superb craftsmanship, chronicle this entertaining saga of the rise and fall of Gucci in the 1980s, House of Gucci.

Sausage Party Blu-ray Review

Steak Night There’s an egregious inconsistency to Sausage Party: Either the food’s packaging is alive or the food itself is. The answer isn’t consistent. And if it’s the food, …

Everly Blu-ray Review

Goose egg Salma Hayek spends much of Everly bleeding. Her neck is bruised, her right hand is bandaged. She’s burned, bound, and beaten – slowly. Everly is tormented relentlessly. …

Savages Review

Despite the horror, Savages never loses a sense of humor that is graded as dark, and certainly hidden within the dialogue at times.