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Men in Black II 4K UHD Review

Sing Along: Re-turn the Men in Black; You Won’t Want to Remember At least Men in Black II involves one interesting theme. It comes from a place of empathy …

The Lego Batman Movie Review

Lego Everybody Somewhere in The Lego Batman Movie is Batman. He’s hidden. You’ll find fewer Batman references than those to Warner Bros. and DC properties, creating a rabid cluster …

Ratchet & Clank (2016) Blu-ray Review

Clanking Clunker Rudimentary and thin, Ratchet & Clank better fits on Saturday mornings. Passe character development leaves this adaptation of Sony’s PlayStation videogame series limited in appeal. And, in …

Fire with Fire Review

Maybe there's something here for the growing Josh Duhamel fan base, playing off his usual roles for something with a sadistic side

Unstoppable Review

Directed by Tony Scott, it's only natural that things explode, cars flip, and objects are disintegrated.