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The World’s End 4K UHD Review

Fauxbots While The World’s End lacks Shaun of the Dead’s comedic cleverness, it instead chooses a more somber, richer topic to finish the Cornetto trilogy. In that, The World’s …

Jack Reacher 4K UHD Review

Jack Reaching for Truth Jack Reacher isn’t fond of two things: the American justice system and foreign capitalists. It take an ex-military drifter – Reacher – to uncover the …

Return To Sender Blu-ray Review

Rosamund Pike delivers a quietly meticulous performance in this strange thriller Return To Sender is a hard movie to categorize given its unconventional approach to touchy subject matter. Director …

Gone Girl Blu-ray Review

Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike soar in David Fincher’s screen adaptation Ben Affleck first appears in Gone Girl curbside. It’s trash day. The streets are clear. There are no …

Jack Reacher Review

Cruise is infinitely marketable and in his wheelhouse as the violent detective in the background of these media-enthralled cases.

Wrath of the Titans Review

Rarely does Wrath tumble into sluggishness, a brisk 90-minutes passing by without so much as blinking before another action sequence sprints into view.

The Big Year Review

With a rich cast made up from a trio of comedic names, Big Year does find a groove, pushed forward with an inviting, warm soundtrack and quirky side characters.