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Double Dragon Blu-ray Review

Paging Bimmy The Double Dragon videogame finds two brothers punching their way through a nuclear-rotting city, using karate to take down Shadow Warriors gang members, on a quest to …

Identity Thief Review

Identity Thief is a movie of aggression, unfriendly and vicious with the expectation that audiences will accept the material as harmless slapstick.

Gangster Squad Review

It is more a set-up for a TV comedy than serious drama, so over produced and glossy as to reject any sensibility of authenticity.

Safe House Review

Reynolds and Washington wrap the piece around their shoulders and carry it to a lively, energetic finish.

Alien Trespass Review

Camp happens. You can’t create it. What audiences were given in the 1950s, amidst a sea of science fiction classics, were the cheapies. These shoddily tossed together productions promised …

Terminator 2 Review

Time travel is such a tough subject for movies. No matter how much you think through it, there’s a problem somewhere you didn’t consider and the film instantly loses …