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Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

Avengers Re-Assembled Ultron is an assertive villain. Emotive. Cold. Unreal. He is a robot, yes, but not a pre-programmed killer. He (it?) considers the ramifications of his vile actions …

The Judge Blu-ray Review

Judge this Robert Downey Jr. is Robert Downey Jr. in The Judge. That is why they cast him though. Audiences pay for those sparkling, charismatic monologues whether they come …

The Avengers 3D Review

It's a calculated, precise piece of popcorn art, the type that defines the term “summer blockbuster,” and possibly redefines it.

Due Date Review

There's not the investment in these two polar opposites; they exist for laughs and not much else.

Iron Man 2 Review

Iron Man 2 is not as funny, creative, or as witty as its predecessor, yet it does quite a few things right.