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Heat 4K UHD Review

Heat's distinctive approach humanizes criminality in a way few films do, focused as much on the action as the lives of those involved.

Raging Bull 4K UHD Review

A story of a cruel, self-destructive man, Raging Bull is essential in examining the masculine, invincible mindset of war and post-war America.

Taxi Driver 4K UHD Review

A masterwork of American political angst and lower class anxieties, Taxi Driver retains its power because its uncomfortable authenticity.

Joker 4K UHD Review

While engaging and evocative, Joker draws draws its protagonist with far too much empathy given the nature of this character.

Casino 4K UHD Review

Hole in the Desert The final moments of Casino show old Vegas being torn down. Implosions send once grand buildings to rubble. Sam Rothenstein (Robert De Niro) opines about …

Backdraft 4K UHD Review

Fireball Island Universal produced Backdraft, a surprise given the Disney-esque tragedy of the intro. It’s near camp. A small child looks on, star-eyed, as his father enters a burning …

Ronin (Arrow Video) Blu-ray Review

Car Melee John Frankenhiemer’s Ronin is pure atmosphere porn. A dimly lit bridge at night, surrounded by wet reflective concrete giving off a glow. A safe house, littered, and …

Dirty Grandpa Blu-ray Review

So dirty In terms of framing and narrative devices, Dirty Grandpa is an awful film. It has the thinnest of reasons to exist, the crudest methodologies, and a litany …