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Cursed Films Blu-ray Review

A slick and engaging documentary series, Cursed Films explores prominent legends surrounding famous horror movies, loaded with thoughtful interviews.

Belzebuth Review

A promising demon thriller with real grit and convincing energy from Mexico, Belzebuth devolves into a hackneyed conflict with a CGI demon.

VFW Blu-ray Review

Painted with satire, VFW goes back to a cultural moment, digging up the Vietnam return sub-genre and placing it in a wildly fun modern setting.

Trick Blu-ray Review

Experienced genre director Patrick Lussier crafts an immensely fun thrill-ride with an interesting new villain in Trick.

Gwen Blu-ray Review

Slow British Folk Horror A Shudder original that uneasily flirts between depressing period drama and British folk horror, director William McGregor’s Gwen is a bleak tale that will test …

Patrick Melrose Blu-ray Review

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Most Extraordinary Acting British high society and its decadent aristocracy go under the knife in Patrick Melrose. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, the opulent production adapts a series of …