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Black Widow 4K UHD Review

A routine espionage thriller reveals its theme too late, leaving Black Widow without much purpose in the wider Marvel story arc, even if the action is impressive in spots.

Black Widow Review

Unusually bland and hollow in its first half, Black Widow finds substance by the end but by then, it's already lost its way and purpose.

Point Break (2015) Blu-ray Review

Past the Broken Point Point Break turns a wacky, early ’90s surfer dude crime movie into a sorrowful, philosophizing snoozer. Disconnect from the lavish, overlong stunt scenes – they …

Zipper Blu-ray Review

All Zipped Up Sam Ellis is not a good person. He’s a hypocrite, a liar, and pretend moralist. His ethics crusade as a Federal Prosecutor is backed by nightly …

Edge of Darkness Review

Mel Gibson. What can be said for the man as an actor? How about, he should never, ever try to pull off a deep Boston accent again? That works.