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Schindler’s List 4K UHD Review

“The List is Life” Spielberg’s Holocaust film released in 1993. Where his other ‘93 production, Jurassic Park visibly looks part of its decade, Schindler’s List is the rare film …

The Lego Batman Movie Review

Lego Everybody Somewhere in The Lego Batman Movie is Batman. He’s hidden. You’ll find fewer Batman references than those to Warner Bros. and DC properties, creating a rabid cluster …

Spectre Blu-ray Review

Mostly shaken, not so stirred Between ecstatic action scenes and glamorous long takes, Spectre isn’t willing to fill in the remaining space. Whittled down from the narrative intellectualism of …

Skyfall Review

This is enormous escapism, where hackers wail away on keyboards to work through illogical interfaces and spout off "firewall" because it sounds cool.

Wrath of the Titans Review

Rarely does Wrath tumble into sluggishness, a brisk 90-minutes passing by without so much as blinking before another action sequence sprints into view.