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Brave 3D Review

Here's awaiting the Cinderella sequel wherein the lead takes hold of a bow and headshots her evil stepmother.

Cars 2 Review

Cars 2 is the odd man out though, riddled with bullet holes, explosions, and a Pope mobile.

Toy Story 2 Review

How any film about talking toys could possibly elicit a strong sense of happiness and sadness is baffling. Leave it to Pixar.

Toy Story Review

Think back briefly to 1995, where home computers were just moving away from the dinosaur that was Windows 3.1, and video gamers were just getting into 3-D with the …

Contest: Up Blu-ray/DVD Winner Announced!

DoBlu.com’s latest contest is over, and our winner is Jeff Castillo who entered via Facebook. Congrats! DoBlu selected Up for the Blu-ray Hall of Fame in cooperation with ReferenceQuality.com, …

DoBlu’s Blu-ray Holiday Gift Guide

So, you’ve survived a Black Friday at Walmart and walked out with an absurdly cheap Blu-ray player… then you suddenly realize you don’t have any Blu-ray movies to go …

Up Review

At one point in Disney/Pixar’s Up, Carl Fredricksen is trying to save Russell, his young companion, from falling off a giant blimp. Russell, tied to a chair, is unable …